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Our Play Kitchen – Josly

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Remember the earlier post on play kitchens? After showing my parents the post from “Our Sweet Life” and they couldn’t *wait* to get started on one for J and L. I thought I’d post some pictures so that you could see what it ended up like. Here’s one showing it from the front. Notice the books on top? Those are J and L’s board books, but J says they’re up there because they’re his cookbooks!

This one shows the play kitchen with all of its doors open. The fridge on the left (with storage on the bottom for dishes, apparently), and then of course the main unit with the oven and storage for more dishes under the sink.

This one shows the countertop with two burners, controls for the stove and oven (these don’t turn), the sink (a recycled toothbrush holder which would have been installed in the wall of a bathroom), and faucet (the knobs really turn and the faucet is an old bathroom one minus the stopper lever-thingy).

This one shows the side of the fridge. It’s a metal panel that can be used (when J and L get older) for magnets. That piece is courtesy of my future brother-in-law. The eggs are stored on top the fridge in this case because L likes to eat the carton.

This one shows the towel holder on the side which has seen better days. I’m still not quite clear on why J had pulled it off (although I can’t say as I’m surprised). We got the loop back on, but it’s not the same.
Today I got some baskets form a local natural toy store that had a clearance/damaged item sale. The handles were broken, but they were thin enough that I could cut them off. Thankfully what remained was not sharp. They replace the plastic container that was used to store the food. I’m also working on making a dishcloth and hot pad for the play kitchen. I’ve got them crocheted (I’ll share later), but need to weave in the ends. I also picked up a 5-piece utensil set when we stopped at Ikea on our way back home from visiting the in-laws earlier this week. When we were there I totally spaced on getting some kind of canister to put them in. I’ve still got to work on that. My mom would like to put up some curtains, but we’d like to see if I have some leftover from the panels I’m making for the kitchen patio door (reusing the fabric from the kitchen windows at our last house). The only other items I’d like to possibly get includes a toaster, some pretend tea bags, and a wood cleaning tool with rack set that I’m having difficulties figuring out where I saw it last.

To outfit the kitchen we have the wooden and felt play food J got last year for Christmas (a fruit and veggie set, a fruit set, a fruit and veggie set you can “cut”, and a felt breakfast set). I think they’re mostly from Plan Toys.

The dishes are from a company called Green Toys.  They’re phthalates/BPA/lead free and are made from recycled milk jugs. J got the Cookware & Dining Set for Christmas. We got the tea set at the sale today. Ours was missing the creamer container, but I didn’t think that’d be a big issue. I figured J would get a kick out of it because he had used the cups from the other set to drink his “orange tea”. For Christmas J also got some bread you can “slice” and a carton of four eggs.

Of course, you might be wondering…why call it “Josly”? It’s a combination of things my children can relate to and totally thought up by my Dad which makes it even more special! As for the cost…I wasn’t privy to all of the details, but from my limited understanding I’d say it was around the $50-60 range.

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  1. WOW!!!! This is SO wonderful, so happy to lend you some inspiration! You should BE VERY PROUD! I love how clean and simple it is, so classy! Love the “cookbooks” on top. Way to go! Katlen