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Another Car-Free Journey Update


The Mall – March5, 2009 – 0.6 mile one way
Hubby needed a new hat for work since the one he has now leaves a funny red line on his head that seems to take several days to go away – leaving him looking rather comical until it does. Well, comical unless you plan on getting family pictures taken. It’s only getting worse and the hat he has is dry clean only. I wasn’t really thrilled with the idea of getting it dry cleaned all that often. I thought I saw a new hat place at the mall the other day so we thought we’d taken advantage of the gorgeous weather (60 degrees F) and take a walk with the kids. We were succesful in our search (now let’s hope this one works better – it’s cotton and has a better band to it). Both hubby and I agreed that it seemed like walking to the mall was actually faster than getting both kids in the car, in and out of their carseats, etc.

As an extra bonus – after all of our trips to the library and the co-op this one was nothing but a walk in the park.

JoAnns, the Grocery Store, and the Post Office – March 6, 2009 – 2.3 miles round trip
I had a few things to pick up to round off my once a month grocery shopping (I suspect I’ll have to head back to the Grocery Store in a couple of weeks for more Graham Flour) so decided to add in a few other things as well. We picked up some thread to sew the patches on Hubby’s uniform shirt and dropped some things off at the post office. Another easy-peasy trip!

The Library – March 9, 2009 – 2.8 miles one way
This was our third trip to the library so far and following the same path roughly each time we decided to change it up a bit. In spite of the fact that the round trip route is about 6/10 of a mile longer than the one we’ve been taking I think this will likely be the one we’ll stick with. We avoided the majority of the main roads which means there’s less traffic noise and less direct exposure to car exhaust. Hubby and I found it much easier to converse using this route which is a big plus. I’m still struggling with my new shoes. I spent a fair amount on them so I’m a little bit disappointed. I had thought that a good arch support would eliminate the problems I usually have, but I’ve actually found that it’s worse with these shoes. Next time we go to the library I’ll try taking the insoles out and replacing the ones that came with the shoes to see if that helps any.

We left later in the day – after lunch actually – so we didn’t need to pack a lunch. J was actually a little bit disappointed. I think he liked the picnic. I did pack a snack which seemed to sub in just fine for a picnic.
Miles walked to date: 28.6

Oh, and before I forget – have you heard about the “Complete Streets Act of 2009“? In all of our car-free journeys these past three weeks it’s become clear to me that our country desperately needs something like this! If you head on over here, you can send a message to your representatives about it.


2 thoughts on “Another Car-Free Journey Update

  1. What great exercise! And I hear you about the condition of the roads and sidewalks, certainly looks different when you get out of the car. I’m new on your blog, so I’m not sure if you’ve covered it, but have you considered biking for some of your errand type trips? There’s some great family biking sites in the car-free movement. Like this one… http://totcycle.com/ But walking with the kids to the library and back sounds like a wonderful day spent together.Take care, and nice to meet you.Freija

  2. I would agree that there are some fantastic car-free websites out there. Totcycle.com is one of my favorites. When we first started considering the prospect we definitely considered biking. I must admit the fancy “cargo” type bikes are very attractive. We also considered the more typical American solution of the bike trailer, but at the time we only owned one bike and no mode of transportation for our two children.In the end we decided that at this point the cargo bike was out of our reach (two cars, one with a loan and neither of which will sell in today’s market). We’d like to move to more biking (the prospect of taking less time certainly appeals to us), but didn’t have the money to buy both a bike trailer and another bike. We elected to start with the Chariot Cougar 2 and the strolling attachment. Next year maybe we’ll be able to swing getting another bike and make biking a reality for us.Thanks for reminding us all that biking is still a viable option! I’m so glad you stopped by!