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Walking Experiments

After racking up almost 40 miles we had to make an abrupt halt in our walking plans due to the intense pain in my feet. I made an appointment a few weeks ago with the local podiatrist, but couldn’t get in until Tuesday this week. The good news? There’s something that can be done.

I suspected plantar fasciitis and given the description of the pain he agreed. I have high arches and had bought an insole that was supposed to give me better arch support. The doc said it was a step in the right direction, but that I’d need something with a bit more support. He was really good at explaining things and showing me what wasn’t right about the insoles I have.

While it’s possible that I may have a heel spur, it’s probably fairly small and he’d treat me the same regardless so no need for x-rays (thankfully). There are some other options like physical therapy and cortisone injections, but we’re going to start with a mechanical solution first. So, since my appointment on Tuesday I’ve had my food taped up with a pad added in for my arch. I can’t get it wet (plastic bag in the shower anyone) and am supposed to give this a try for four or five days. I noticed a fairly large difference right away between my feet. I still had mild pain in my left heel, but none whatsoever in my right heel. Then, on Monday I’m supposed to take it off and see how it feels – does it solve the issue or without the support does it get worse? And if it gets worse – how quickly does it happen?

I want to head out on a walk – not as long as the library, but further than the mall – and see how it goes. What a journey!


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