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Car Free – An Update on our Discoveries

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a car free post (almost four months actually) – for a number of reasons, actually. First, I was sidelined with intense foot pain which up until recently I thought I had resolved. Our somewhat recent weekend with lots of walking has shown me it’s still not taken care of. However, since we’re saving up for the upcoming homebirth I’m going to have to put off going back into the podiatrist (I likely only need a bit higher insole).

The second issue is that during the summer it’s a bit more difficult to find the extended periods of time needed – especially for our once weekly trip to the library. During the late winter we typically made these trips on Hubby’s day off, but now with our side trips and such we find ourselves coming up short.

Going into the process I knew that this could very well be an issue – which is why a number of those who are car free either use bicycles of many different kinds or are able to rely upon mass transit. We have wanted to put off buying bicycles until another year (probably a bit longer than that given the new family member on it’s way) so that option has been out as well as the mass transit since the mass transit in our area leaves much to be desired.

We really hope to get back on track – figuring out how to squeeze everything in. I was reading a blog the other day and watching some of their videos – they were talking about the propensity in “modern” times to sort of live in ignorance. To not know where things come from or what’s involved in the process. The way so many of us (myself included) move from one thing to the next without really being aware of the process – the whole driving home on auto-pilot thing, not really knowing in the end just *how* you got there.


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