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Garden Harvest Update (as of 8/18/09)

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As I mentioned on other weeks, there is still a harvest of red potatoes that I haven’t had the chance to weight yet. Someday I hope to get around to that!

We garden for two families (probably not in the volume we really need to be more self-sufficient). Halve these totals to figure the per family total.

Garden Harvest Update (as of 8/18/09)

Shelling Peas – 4 1/2 pounds
Green Beans – 20 lbs 11oz
Beets – 9lbs 10oz
Beet Greens – 5lbs 1oz
Radishes – 2lbs 15oz
Carrots – 9lbs 7oz
Broccoli – 1lb 9oz (there’s a few earlier harvests that weren’t included in this total)
Pickling Cucumbers – 26lbs 4oz (these so far are all being preserved via lacto-fermentation)
Hot Peppers (mild) 1lb 2oz
Cabbage – 18lbs 11oz (with six pounds of that in just one cabbage)
Eggplant – 1lb
Tomatoes 11lbs 14oz
Tomatillos – 1lb 5oz
Great Northern Beans – 2oz
Small Red Beans – 6oz

Total:  114lb 9oz

I worried about my tomato plants earlier this year, but then was relieved to see the plants set so many fruits. Now I’m worried again…but this time about late blight which is officially in our area. One CSA north of us lost all of 1000s of tomato plants. We *really* need this tomato crop as I was counting on it to provide all of our canned tomato needs this winter (stewed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and salsa). We’ve elected to go the route of prevention with an OMRI certificed copper soap spray. Well…that and a lot of prayer. There’s a good info sheet here with some pictures of other similar tomato leaf blights.

I think posting will be a bit light for me this week. I’ve been feeling so very overwhelmed by things this past week – Hubby is still not 100% post vasectomy, the laundry still needs to be put away (and refolded since little hands “helped” me with it), 3/4 of a gallon of salsa needs to be canned (I also need to find a store that has wide-mouth pint jars in stock), a bunch of garden produce needs to be processed and prepared in some way to be put in the freezer, and I’m hot/cranky/tired/uncomfortable. I’ve never *this* pregnant this late in the summer…plus it seems that after weeks of incredibly mild and downright cold weather, summer has descended upon us in force. Great for the garden…not so great for me.

Hopefully this week is shaping up better for your gardens/family! At the very least there will be another Folk Music Friday post. Stay tuned!


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