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Garden Harvest Update (as of 8/25/09)

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Garden Harvest Update (as of 8/25/09)

Shelling Peas – 4 1/2 pounds
Green Beans – 23 lbs 1oz
Beets – 11lbs 1oz
Beet Greens – 5lbs 14oz
Radishes – 2lbs 15oz
Carrots – 9lbs 7oz
Broccoli – 1lb 9oz (there’s a few earlier harvests that weren’t included in this total)
Pickling Cucumbers – 27lbs 13oz (these so far are all being preserved via lacto-fermentation)
Hot Peppers (mild) 1lb 7oz
Cabbage – 18lbs 11oz (with six pounds of that in just one cabbage)
Eggplant – 1lb
Tomatoes 27lbs 15oz
Tomatillos – 3lb 3oz
Great Northern Beans – 9oz
Small Red Beans – 8oz

Total:  139 lbs 9oz


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