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The Holiday Season in Review, Part II

Head to botanical gardens just a short car ride North of where you live. See holiday train display for free! Take far too many pictures and enjoy watching the kids more than the trains.

Visit the conservatory (also free) while there. Watch the fish swim and enjoy the tropical weather indoors.

Visit Great-Grandma on the way home from the botanical gardens and play with the marble track at her house.

Head to family get together and watch J unwrap a super cool wooden semi. Handmade by the very same Uncle who made the Advent Spiral.

Watch Hubby and kids a few days later fix the toilet (tank to bowl bolts have rusted and water is dripping on the floor – discover this at night after stepping in the puddle).

Celebrate L’s birthday which is more than just a celebration of her birth two years ago…it’s also a celebration of who she is becoming.

Clean and organize around the house. Get rid of loads of stuff (How can there be more to get rid of? We do this every year it seems and yet each time we do it we find more). Play with boxes which really is more fun than cleaning anyway. Take a van load (well…packed around the carseats so it’s probably less than that) to Goodwill. Chuckle at the worker’s surprise as you remove one box after another. Again…where was it all hiding?

Shovel yet more snow. Have as much fun watching L out there for the first time as she does “helping.”

Be thankful that both J and L enjoy their new sister. Watch in amazement as L “reads” her favorite book, “Mommies Say Shhh” to her sister complete with the animal sounds (and keeps her occupied with you take a shower). Marvel at all the words she has learned in the past few weeks and months.

Two days later…send Hubby back to work which really does bring the holiday season to an end. It’s hard to believe that a couple of months have gone by or more importantly that the four weeks of Hubby’s paternity leave have as well.


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