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I got this green cabinet at an antique store a little over five years ago.  The logos that are part of the wood are for spark plugs.  The little cabinet has served a number of different things over the years – a pantry, a stereo stand, etc.  Last week I was inspired to do a little bit of organizing.  It was mostly filled with miscellaneous bits and pieces of my things.  I decided to relocate them down to the basement and instead fill it with things for the kids.

It’s now filled with our books – the ones we own and the ones we check out from the library.  On the bottom shelves there are some CDs (which will likely one day be relocated as well) and some handwork supplies like yarn, wool roving, and felt (not all of which is pictured).  It inspired a flurry of book reading.  Apparently I’m not the only one influenced by simply relocating things!  (Of the two pictures the color in the top one is most true to it’s actual color)

Edited to Add: You’ll notice the new header graphic.  The snow has really been melting these past few days – so much so that when I looked outside today I noticed that there was very little of it left on the ground.  I decided to take some pictures (and open up the patio door in the bedroom to let in some fresh air) so that my space here reflects the world outside.

I’ve been busily working on some Spring activities for our family, but it’s a bit slow going.  I’m always looking for new ideas and I must admit I’ve had my eye on the “Spring Seasons of Joy” by Annette.  As luck would have it she’s having a giveaway for it on her blog right now!  You most certainly should head on over!

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