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A Little Thing Called Perspective

To say that the last year or so, let alone the last couple of months, have been difficult is probably an understatement.  Yesterday was one of a string of many where things in my life didn’t quite seem so overwhelming.  It’s taken me at least this long to get used to the idea of being outnumbered and still feel like I could handle it.  This is a very good thing considering the fact that a couple of weeks ago I was ready to head on over to the school district’s office and enroll J in Kindergarten.  I’m not saying that I have everything figured out, or that it will be easy, but it’s been good to be reminded of the “why.”

It’s been quite warm – the fifties and sixties – in the last week or so.  We’ve been taking every opportunity to spend some time outside.  Yesterday was no exception.  We had some errands to run in the morning, but after lunch both J and L headed out into our backyard.  They then spent the next four and a half hours minus a few bathroom breaks, diaper changes, and one snack outside.  It got me wondering…where else would they be given an opportunity like this?  The opportunity to just play and be a child?

L was absolutely attached to this Elmo sprinkler. I’m not really all that sure that she knows who Elmo is, but he does have a very friendly face.  I suppose it was a good stand in for her stuffed friends in the house.  She was hugging it and talking to him just like she does Noma and Baby.  It was cute.  She also spent a great deal of time digging in the dirt and the sandbox.

J was very busy mowing the landscaping with his mower or hauling things in his dump truck in addition to digging in the dirt and the sandbox.  In spite of their long sleeves and pants they still ended up quite dirty.  Not quite as dirty as they did last summer, but there was still a fine layer of dirt in the bathtub last night.


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