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Playing Outside


Now that the weather is warmer my little people are spending quite a bit of time outside.  It really amazes me lately as I watch them to see just how much J has grown up.  I still have to pinch myself every once in awhile because I can’t quite believe that this is my child.  Can I really be old enough to have children?  Can it really have been five years now?  The shorts he’s wearing are ones that I made him.  I mentioned to my Mom that I needed to find shorts for the kids and lamented slightly the costs associated with clothing and the fact that it was difficult for me to find shorts for L that weren’t so darn short.  She suggested I make my own and gave me some denim fabric she had in her stash.

I picked up a Simplicity Pattern for pajamas.  It was an easy sew type patter with multiple sizes from 3-12.  I picked up some Swedish Tracing Paper from Etsy and some elastic from Jo-Anns and I was on my way.  I’m actually pretty proud of myself because I merged two pattern sizes together.  I put the patches on the front (fabric leftover from his pajama bag) thinking it might be easier for him to identify the front of the shorts that way.  There isn’t all that much difference between the front and back, but since I couldn’t put them on myself to see I thought it would be best to give him a little bit of help.

In spite of the fairly cold weather he insisted upon wearing the shorts, but paired them with a long sleeve shirt.  He wore them every day until recently when I spirited them away for a much need trip through the washing machine.  I really do need to get him more shorts made.  I’d like both him and L to have about 9 pairs of shorts for the summer (one for each day of the week plus a few extra).  Good things it’s not quite May yet!

The shoes are also a recent favorite.  We got them at a shoe store my parents used to take us girls shopping at when we were kids.  We were already in the area so thought it would be worth stopping in.  We were already suspicious that perhaps there was an issue with the shoes we had bought him since his toes were oddly crooked.  When they measured him he was a 13 *extra* wide.  The gentleman at the store suggested these Jumping Jacks shoes.  Thankfully they weren’t anywhere near the website’s price and we got a small discount on them because it was our first purchase.  The best part?  They’re machine washable!  Believe me, if you’ve ever seen my children at the end of the day (or their penchant for playing in the compost bin) you’d know machine washable is a must!

L was of the opinion that she should wear shorts with a long sleeve shirt too.  If J could then why not her?  I’m not quite sure what’s up with the 5 gallon bucket.  They were helping Hubby in the garage the other day and took it over as their own.  So far it seems that they’ve been using it to ferry things around the yard.  Lately it seems they’re typically “making dinner” which involves the bowls and pots I got them to play in the sandbox with and bits and pieces of plant matter.  Thankfully they aren’t really eating it (believe me, this is a bit of a surprise since L has been known to be tempted to eat less than edible things), but instead feeding it to the rubber ducks that somehow migrated outside.  The ducks are J’s and have their very own room in part of our landscaping.

I’m thankful my kids have the opportunity for this sort of uninterrupted time outside.  Whenever I begin to doubt things or wonder if I can handle it all I take one look at them in the backyard and regain my confidence.  Nature Deficit Disorder?  Not my kids!

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    I’m just a few days into blogging and enjoyed viewing your work.