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Getting Older or Rather “If it’s Not Chocolate, Why Bother?”


It was my birthday a few weeks ago.  I’ve had this picture sitting for just a bit with plants to get around to posting something.  It’s a little bit hard to believe just how much time has passed since I took the picture (and by extension just how much time it’s taken me to get it posted).  Last year was another fairly large birthday.  Hubby had some grand plans taking shape in his mind that ended up derailed…quite a bit.

My sister was in town for my other sister’s wedding and wanted to celebrate my birthday before she went home.  She didn’t want to miss out on the big party.  Hubby agreed that would be fine, but then found that his plans got pushed aside a bit.  He wanted to get the cake, but they told him not to worry.  He wanted to get the decorations, but they told him they’d take care of it.  We went out to dinner and came back to our house for cake and decorations.  Hubby’s heart fell when he saw the result.  It didn’t match up with the ideas he had in his head and he wished he had pushed harder to take the helm.  The cake then?  Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.  When I passed on cake, the response?  “You don’t like vanilla cake?!?”  Uh, nope.  Not once in my life has it ever been anything but chocolate.  When in charge of cake (or dessert for that matter) I have never, not once, ever gone with anything even remotely close to vanilla (unless of course it’s ice cream and then it had better be the real stuff).  I had one of those Chandler moments…you know the episode when he gets glasses and everyone thought he had them before?  He yells out – “Do you people not know me at all?” Of course, at this point my family would ask, “You like ‘Friends’?”  I’ve taken to sighing.  Keenly aware of the realization that I’ve reached the point in my life where my husband knows me better than my family.  Has it really been that long?  Am I really that old?  Not really, but it sure seems like it.

This cake here, this incredibly expensive cake, is my do-over.  It’s my husband’s grand gesture to make up for a rotten birthday last year.  He had wanted to do another party last year…instead we went out to dinner just the two of us.  Pregnant and so very tired at the time I decided to spend my actual birthday with the person who knows me the best and our celebration exceeded my expectations.  He insisted that this year he was in charge of the cake and he wasn’t going to let the minor issue of cost derail his big plans.  This cake here was made by the same baker who made our wedding cake.  This yummy triple chocolate creation is my ideal desert.  I was a little bit apprehensive…would it be as good as I had remembered it?  Worry not my friends…it was all that and so much more.

Hubby has since resolved to always be in charge of my birthday plans.  He won’t be allowing my family to be in charge of birthday celebrations in the future.  He remembers my desert motto – “If it’s not chocolate, don’t even bother.”  Last year it all seemed a bit more painful – that realization that those you think know you…don’t.  I’ve learned not too put too much stock in it, especially after I learned that my Mom doesn’t actually remember anything about my birthday last year.  In the end it’s become a little joke between my Hubby and me.  If he feels like he fell a little short or stuck his foot in his mouth (which he tends to do often as he lacks that inner censor), he’ll counter with, “At least I’d never buy you a vanilla cake.”

2 thoughts on “Getting Older or Rather “If it’s Not Chocolate, Why Bother?”

  1. amen! Chocolate rocks 🙂