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Pretty Bird

I took this picture at my parents’ house a week or so ago.  It’s at the front of their house, in the trellis for the Clematis…I think that’s what it is anyway.  We have our fair share of birds here given the number of trees in our yard.  We don’t have any nests that I’m aware of.  It seems like our yard is more of a bird thoroughfare – a place to stop on your way to somewhere else.  My parents have more trees, but they’re quite a bit smaller.  This doesn’t seem to bother the birds.  The birds seem to like their yard quite a bit.  Something about their yard seems to scream out “Home!”

I tried to keep a respectful distance from the nest while taking the picture, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture.  I thought the contrast between the different textures in the nest and the blue eggs was particularly pretty.


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