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Garden Harvest Update (as of 5/26/10)

The garden has grown leaps and bounds since I took this picture last week.  We’ve had August-like temperatures these past few days so it seems like everything has grown exponentially since then.  We’ve also pretty much planted everything we planned on getting in the garden at this point.  Even though the frost-free date for our zone has passed by a couple of weeks now we typically wait until around Memorial Day.  This year even though the plants are in a week ahead of that date I think we’re safe!  The 10-day forecast isn’t showing us dipping temperature wise much below the mid to high seventies.

Last summer started out quite warm, but then dipped down quite a bit with what ended up a very cool summer.  I’m hoping this year doesn’t repeat the same pattern!  We don’t have much for harvest at this point, but we thinned out the lettuces and will eat what we didn’t keep!

Garden Harvest Tally

Head Lettuce:  5.95oz
Lettuce Mix:  8.852oz

Total: 14.8 ounces

Just a few ounces shy of 1lb.  Not bad!

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