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In Search of the Perfect Cup Holder

Have you ever been outside…on a picnic or sitting at the fireplace?  Maybe you’ve been outside playing the bean bag toss game.  Have you ever been faced with the dilemma of what to do with your beverage.  Sitting it on the ground is fraught with peril.  Your beverage could tip over.  Maybe you’ve been at a summer party and had to try to find a way to balance your plate, eat your meal, and hold onto your beverage at the same time.  Maybe you’ve considered one of the many commercially available cup holders, but felt that they didn’t have that certain…ummm…decorative integrity you’ve been looking for.  Rest assured…you need not look any further!

My Dad, after watching a segment of the Red Green Show came up with this little gem of a cup holder.  He’s intensely, no seriously proud of that thing.  It brings that mischievous glint in his eye as if he’s letting you in on a big secret…a joke…a prank.  You can tell it brings him great joy to share his creation.  A work of art.

It’s perfect in all of it’s plunger-ific glory.  Convertible for all of your beverage needs.  Pull up the flange and it secures your bottle carried beverage.  Put the flange down and it’s ideal for cans and cups.  He’s even talking about adding in drainage holes…and ice to keep your beverage cold.

This right here?  It’s why we love him so much.


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