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My Very First Peony – Can it Really Be Summer?

I keep a private blog where I post pictures of the kids’ faces, their names, etc for our family members.  I was sitting here typing up a post for that blog the other day that included all of the things that we had planned for the summer.  I remembered thinking that all of those things would be so much fun in a far off in the future sort of way.  It hit me today that we’re on the cusp of beginning the list.  Tomorrow will bring with it our very first “summer” activity.  All the time that I’ve spent making notes on the things I want to do with the kids, the planning, and dreaming is just about to be realized.  Can it really be summer?

In some ways it seems like it’s already been summer.  The unseasonably warm weather has been playing tricks on my mind and making it difficult for me to be able to reliably say, “It’s Spring!” or “It’s Summer!”.  We went to church this morning and the pastor talked with the kids about school being over (or going to be over soon for most).  When we went to pick up J from Sunday School we walked right past the room where he was at to go to the room where he was this summer.  They had switched over to the summer program and while I remembered that little fact, I had forgotten to communicate that to my feet.  Can it really be summer?

Ever since Baby M was born I’ve been trying really hard to get acclimated to the new “normal.”  It’s been challenging to say the least given that Baby M is very passionately a mommy’s girl.  When it comes to Baby M no one else will do.  I’ve also been trying to get a few plans made for Kindergarten.  I haven’t been all that successful at this last task, either.

The one thing I have been successful in has been enjoying this Peony.  It’s my very first bloom from the roots we got for free last year.  The kids had trampled over it last summer and I was certain the plant was a goner.  This year?  Not only did all four of the plants send up shoots, but one of them also sent out two flower buds.  This one here is the very first one and looks like no Peony I’ve ever seen.  I’m relishing in it’s beauty and using it as a reminder.  It really is summer and as much as it seems like the summer months stretch before us like a long ribbon without end this flower reminds me that these months are perishable.  Beautiful yet perishable.  Here’s to relishing each and every moment.


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