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Please Don’t Chew on My Face

I’ve been sitting here with this little one in my lap, trying to type on the keyboard, and fending off her efforts to chew on my face.  Every once in awhile I can see her, mouth wide open, coming right towards my cheek in an attempt to latch on…or chew on me perhaps?  I never did quite figure out how to read a baby’s mind.  Though, I suppose if I did I would be a multi-millionaire with even less time to write…or do anything remotely for or by myself.  No worries, though, I suppose chewing on Mom is fun.  Mom in general is loads of fun in Baby M’s opinion.  She’s my very own groupie.  Well, her and one of our cats.

I’m working on finalizing the details of a buying club order – one that’s been a bit difficult for me to get around to given that Baby M is now sleeping for several hours at a time in the Pac-N-Play crib in our room which is also where the computer is located.  Since I adhere to the adage – “Never wake a sleeping baby” – I spend very little time on the computer now.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for this part.  It’s been six months since I’ve been able to leave her napping during the day or sleeping at night peacefully on her own.

Shortly after finalizing the last bits I headed on over here…only to discover that there hasn’t been anything new since Friday.  *sigh*  I’ve been busy.  No, more like distracted.  Someone else’s family in crisis and I find it hard to focus on anything else.  I barely don’t know them – someone else I know does – and yet I find the entire situation absolutely saddening disturbing so very hard to believe.  After watching the segment on the news I find it somewhat haunting – the slumped over shoulders of someone who looks so very defeated.

I’ve been whining about the vermiculite in my attic…believing that so very often my family gets hit with the shitstick of life far more often than I think is warranted.  I believe we end up with more than our fair share of things that don’t go our way.  The thing about it is that we’re still standing.  The blows that I think have come our way?  In perspective nothing more than mosquitoes.  It could be worse?  Most definitely.  I’ll take the vermiculite in the attic any day over the alternatives.  We’re all alive and breathing…and still a bit speechless.  Odd days these are.


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