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We’re Melting!

It’s been ever so hot and humid lately.  I’m trying not to fuss too much about this fact given that last summer started out exactly this way and ended cool and wet.  I’m trying to remember, as I sweat just sitting still, that I should enjoy the heat while it lasts.  Winters around these parts are cold and long.

True to last year, we’ve begun the summer with swimming lessons for J.  He didn’t pass Level 1 last year so he’s repeating the same level this year.  It’s amazing what a difference a year makes.  I suspect he’ll pass easily this year.  Hubby would like to see if we can get him in on another session just to keep the momentum moving forward.  I’d really like him to not only be comfortable in water, but also to be a competent swimmer.  I always enjoyed swimming when I was younger – at times wishing that I had gotten onto the swim team sooner than I did.  If J showed interest I’d very much be interested in looking into it for him.  Anything I can find that enables him to wear out the bountiful energy he’s blessed with is well worth it in my opinion.  Well…in addition to playing outside anyway.

There’s something to be said for the way swimming lessons have helped build his self-confidence.  Huge difference!

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