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Preserving the Harvest – Strawberries

Last year we were still picking strawberries.  This year we got so much rain around when the strawberries were ready for picking that they were mostly rotting in the field.  It was disheartening to see all those strawberries on the plants only to turn them over and find that they were inedible.  We almost wished that we had put up the strawberries from our own plants instead of letting the kids eat them all.

This picture is actually from a couple of weeks ago.  Last year we made half-pints full of jam and bunches of dried whole strawberries.  This year I made several trays of fruit leather.  I had planned on freezing the rest of the strawberries whole so that we could put them in smoothies.  To save space, I decided to puree the strawberries and freeze them in ice-cube trays.  We happened to do it on one of Hubby’s days off…a far more pleasant experience for me than previous years!


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