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Garden Harvest Update (as of 7/10/10)

Lettuce 5lbs
Carrots 2lbs 2oz
Broccoli 12oz
Chinese Cabbage 4oz
Peas 7lbs 6oz (possibly final numbers unless we get a Fall crop and almost 3lbs more than last year!)
Green Beans 4lbs 11oz
Spinach & Swiss Chard 11oz
Onions 2lb 14oz (this figure is probably short a few)
Zucchini 7oz (this is short a few ounces)
Cucumbers 13oz
Eggplant 3oz

Total: 25 lbs  3 oz
Last Year’s End of the Year Total

Last year’s harvest tally from around this time of year can be found here.  It looks like we’ve just about doubled our harvest at this point.  Time will tell, though, given how cold and wet last spring was it’s entirely possible that we might fall behind in later harvests.


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