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It’s Hot


Or maybe I should say that it’s humid.  It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity, right?  Scratch that it’s both.  Hot and humid, like wearing a second skin.  The baby won’t sleep whether it’s a nap during the day or come bedtime at night – at least not without being attached in some way to me.  In arms or nursing, the need for comfort is strong.  She’s teething.  Working on the second of her top teeth.  At total of three so far and fussy.  “Fix it, Mommy!” her reply.  A second skin and an attached heater.  I must remember this come winter.

Sweating.  While sitting still.  This photo?  Part of a post I’ve abandoned for the moment.  Too hot to think.  Too hot to sit still.  Too hot.


2 thoughts on “It’s Hot

  1. I hear you- It’s after 830 pm here and the heat index is still over 100. Ugh. I’m almost looking forward to the storms headed this way- maybe they will at least cool things off.
    Stay cool

    • Oh my yes! I’m not sure which was hardest to handle…the fact that it was so humid or the fact that last night the Weather Channel had it in the low 80s all the way through 2am.

      There was this brief moment this morning when the storms rolled through (thankfully rather mild) and the breeze picked up that we were a bit chilly in bed. It probably lasted all of 15 minutes and then you could feel the humidity picking up again. Oh…but it was glorious while it lasted!

      I’m hoping it’s cooler for both of us today.