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Oops! Totally forgot to mention this one yesterday.


I had actually posted my garden tally on Saturday given how large the last harvest was.  Then on Monday when I was skimming through the RSS feeds I’ve subscribed to in my reader I came across a post on Daphne’s Dandelions where she had a post on her garden harvest.  I meant to add the link to my post, but then one child…or another…started screeching and I got distracted.  Shocking, right?  You probably never thought that would happen here.

So, please stop by Daphne’s Dandelions Harvest Monday.  If not today, then definitely next week.  I’m going to be reading it every week now for the rest of the summer.  She has a tally as well, but her’s includes costs which totally intrigues me.  It’s one of those geeky details that’s definitely right up my alley!

While we’re on the subject of harvests, here’s a picture I didn’t include yesterday.  Lately Garden Days at our house have been happening without me.  My husband takes all three children with him and leaves me at home.  Alone.  I’m tempted during this time to work on cleaning the house or any number of other essential tasks, but I’ve decided instead to take the rare moment of quiet to read or blog.  When the kids get home you’d think that they’d been gone for days, no weeks.  Baby M especially needs lots of close Mommy time.

“Gardening with three children?  How is that possible,” you ask.  Super human strength?  No, actually the garden is at my parents’ house since they have sun and we have shade.  Last time (the first time) they went the kids ended up hanging out with my Mom.  My husband had planned on keeping them outside with him – baby in the stroller, kids in the sandbox – but she suggested the kids stay with her.  From what I can gather, they all had a blast.

So this picture…taken by my husband while I was tending to my “long lost” children.  :0)  If he hadn’t taken this picture all I would have had was the picture of the two tiny tomatoes.  When he came looking for the camera I suggested he get the big blanket and take it outside.  I don’t think he appreciated my suggestion.  I still love this picture, though.  This is only half of the harvest from that day.  Isn’t it incredible?