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In which we discover… (Warning: Baby Cuteness Ahead!)

…that Baby M and I have a different idea of what it means to fold and put away laundry.  I was slicing up green beans to freeze ala French Cut Green Beans while M was crawling around at my feet and the other three members of my family were splashing in the pool when it got really quiet.  Fearing that M had gotten into some sort of trouble (since quiet is usually not a good thing when it comes to children), I looked out into the living room to see what she was up to.

As you can see from the picture, she was having a grand old time.  When I first found her she was standing up more and furiously dumping clothes out of the basket.  Seven months old, four teeth, and she’s already pulling herself up to stand.  She’ll even take a few steps to get over to something else when she’s standing there.  Note to self:  Putting the clothes basket on the floor is probably not the best idea.  At least I hadn’t folded them yet!


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