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Forces of Nature

We became members of a local living history museum so that we could enjoy several of their special events throughout the summer.  Our first trip was in May of this year.  We had a blast visiting the exhibits and enjoying the wooded areas (including the parking and picnic areas).  About a month after we first visited a tornado went through the site.

We went back on Sunday.  This picture was taken in the same general area as the one above.  When you first enter the location everything looks as it did before.  It isn’t until you reach the parking area that the changes become apparent.  It really is hard to believe that this is the same place we visited before.  Thankfully this represents the worst of the damage.  The loss of all those beautiful trees (and the much needed shade) is very sad, but it would pale in comparison to what could have happened.  Except for a very few buildings the historical area was largely untouched.

It was a bit eerie to see the remnants of the tornado and reminded me of the one that we literally saw drop from the sky not more than a few hundred feet in front of us back in 2005.  Humbling among the many words that comes to mind.


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