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What are you doing in the bathroom?

We don’t watch much TV at our house.  My kids probably watch about an hour a week.  Lately it’s because we’ve been watching Ice Road Truckers.  I have mixed feelings about this…I especially wish they wouldn’t show the truck going off the road animation twenty times in one episode.  Yes, I know it’s not twenty times exactly, but it sure feels like it.  They really like watching it, though.  We watch it together as a family and they look forward to it all week long.

Lately, two year old Miss L has taken to talking about one particular person on the show fairly often.  At least three of four times a day she’s talking about Lisa Kelly.  Today Miss L had disappeared.  I could hear her, but I couldn’t quite figure out where she was.  J suggested she was in the back yard, but we didn’t see her there.  All we could hear was this slightly disconnected voice.  Where was Miss L?  In the bathroom.  What was she doing?  Apparently Lisa Kelly was taking a bath.  A completely reasonable explanation, right?

The people they feature on the show are predominately men – 99% of them.  The 1% that’s female?  That’s right, Lisa Kelly.  Not a bad role model (or imaginary friend apparently).

ETA: We’re an episode behind. I tend to preview slightly the episodes before we watch them as a family since they record on the DVR. The last episode that airs will require a bit of editing of the first part before the kids can watch it. I think we’ll just fast forward.


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