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Ever Have One of Those Days?

You know the ones.  Where you’re so tired you just can’t bear to crawl another inch forward so you lie down where you are and take a small nap? I’d love to have one of those days.  This week or at least the idea of this coming week was what kept me sane when my husband was working a crazy number of hours in the last few weeks.  It was the idea of uninterrupted time with him – for me, for the kids – that made it a little bit more possible to consider the insanity of our days.  Then a little more overtime here and a little more there (I’m not complaining – it pays the bills and lets us have a little bit of fun).  Still, eight straight days of vacation.  It will do us all a world of good.

Ummm, nope.  Scratch that, not eight straight days.  Now it’s five days and they’re split up.  *sigh*  I love his job – just not so sure I love mine right now.  The canner is calling so I must respond.  Maybe first a cup of coffee – and an errand to get some dill seed.  It bugs me when I lose a few veggies because I can’t get to them soon enough.  So get I must.


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