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1 a archaic : mentally deranged b : emotionally out of control <frantic with anger and frustration>
2 :
marked by fast and nervous, disordered, or anxiety-driven activity <made a frantic search for the lost child>

I very much feel like #2.  A vacation interrupted by work.  A party planned by my husband which in reality should be a blast, but it feels like it couldn’t have come at the worst possible time.  Plans that haven’t yet coalesced completely.  Lesson plans only partly complete and an Ina Garten Eggplant dip yet to be made.  Nervous.  Anxious.  Oh, and don’t forget the masonite that has yet to be painted for the chalkboard…and hung…

I’m trying to remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect.  I’m trying to remember that there’s still time and just because “school” starts on Tuesday it doesn’t mean that if everything isn’t ready that I’m a complete failure.  It doesn’t have to be perfect…remember that.


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