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Garden Harvest Update (as of 9/10/10)


Garden Harvest Update

Lettuce 5lbs
Carrots 19lbs 14oz
Broccoli 1lb 4oz
Chinese Cabbage 4oz
Peas 7lbs 6oz (possibly final numbers unless we get a Fall crop and almost 3lbs more than last year!)
Green Beans 30lbs 9oz
Spinach/Swiss Chard/Beet Greens 12lb 4oz
Onions 35lb 7oz (this figure is probably short a few)
Zucchini 5lbs 8oz (this is short a few ounces)
Cucumbers 49lb 3oz
Eggplant 8lb 3 oz
Beets 11lb 11oz
Tomatoes 109lb 3oz (1oz of which came from our volunteer compost bin plant)
Potatoes 5lbs 6oz
Tomatillos 26lbs 10oz
Hot Peppers 1lb 8oz
Sweet Peppers 3lb 14oz
Pie Pumpkin 6lbs 12oz
Corn 2lb 10oz
Ground Cherries 12oz
Wonderberries 7oz
Popcorn 2oz
Kale 4oz
Melon 1lb 4oz

Total: 345 lbs  2 oz
Last Year’s End of the Year Total

Last year’s harvest tally from around this time of year can be found here.  Garden fatigued?  Who, me?  Most definitely!  I remember in previous years being quite a bit more steadfast through the season.  I’ve had difficulties with this, though, ever since J started school.  It’s hard for me to maintain focus at this point.  My husband’s been working quite a bit as well so I suppose that takes whatever bit of focus I might have left.  The real sign of all of this?  I still have veggies harvested from the garden that I haven’t weighed yet!

The real sleeper story here is on the corn front.  I’m beginning to wonder if what we harvested as “sweet corn” was in fact popcorn which would explain why it was so…not like sweet corn.  My Dad actually found a few ears on the stalks all dried and gorgeous!  There are actually quite a few of them in there – small ears, but so unique in their coloring.  No…no picture yet and I still haven’t gotten around to weighing them.  On my to do list.

No experiments on tomatillos last week – just a bunch of jars of salsa verde.  I have a bit of tomatillo puree leftover from that venture, but I’m just going to be adding it to some leftover tomato sauce (from the same canning venture) for a primal lasagna.  I’ll try to remember to take pictures.  I suppose that in and of itself might be worthy of the experiment title.

If you want to see more you can head on over to Harvest Monday at Daphne’s Dandelions!

Oh, and I should also mention that we garden for two families (4 adults and three children) so we split the harvest.  The items above in italics are  final tallies for the year.


2 thoughts on “Garden Harvest Update (as of 9/10/10)

  1. For me it is the opposite. I have kids that are in college, so they are gone now. And I have more time. So I’m really ready to go with the garden, but it is pretty late in the season already. What really killed me this year though was the heat. I just can’t get up any motivation when it is hot.

    • When it comes to the heat I have to agree! With high 90s in temperature and really high humidity it makes it difficult to consider canning. If my kids went to school outside of our house I suppose it’d be a bit easier. About the only thing that makes it easier is when we take a “caning holiday” from homeschooling.