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Happy Little Discoveries…

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I hate meal planning.  Typically what happens is I put in hours coming up with a meal plan.  I pick a breakfast, lunch, and dinner to go with each day.  It’s arduous and I hate it.  Why?  Because we never follow it.  Ever.  It’s even worse now since the kids and I typically eat dinner on our own.  It’s difficult to put a lot of time and effort into making a meal only to end up with the kids turning up their noses at it.  Still, you can’t argue with meal planning’s merits.  It sure is cheaper to eat at home.  It’s also nice not to have to try to figure out what to eat at 4pm.

I keep trying this meal planning thing and I remain cautiously optimistic each time that it will work.  In the meantime…some sort of method would be helpful.  After opening up iTunes in order to listen to an Edit Piaf CD in my library it dawns on me.  There’s that meal planning software I got as a gift awhile back.  It didn’t work correctly on my Windows machine…but I’ve got a Mac now and it was well reviewed for Macs.  As an extra bonus?  I have an iPod which might make shopping easier as I can sync my grocery list right on it.  Bonus!  Meal planning software I don’t need to pay for and the slight geeky entertainment that comes from a new toy.  Maybe this time it will work, right?  Right?


One thought on “Happy Little Discoveries…

  1. I hope it goes better for you this time.