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Garden Harvest Update (as of 9/26/10)


Garden Harvest Update

Lettuce 5lbs
Carrots 22lbs 3oz
Broccoli 1lb 4oz
Chinese Cabbage 4oz
Peas 7lbs 6oz
Green Beans 32lbs 5oz
Spinach/Swiss Chard/Beet Greens 12lb 4oz
Onions 35lb 7oz (this figure is probably short a few)
Zucchini 5lbs 11oz (this is short a few ounces)
Cucumbers 49lb 3oz
Eggplant 9lb 9oz
Beets 11lb 11oz
Tomatoes 132lb 15oz
Green Tomatoes 11lbs 9oz
Potatoes 5lbs 6oz
Tomatillos 44lbs 6oz
Hot Peppers 2lb 1oz
Sweet Peppers 4lb 5oz
Pie Pumpkin 6lbs 12oz
Corn 2lb 10oz
Ground Cherries 1lb 7oz
Wonderberries 14oz
Popcorn 2lbs 12oz
Kale 4oz
Melon 1lb 4oz
Cabbage 5lbs 8oz

Total: 414 lbs  4 oz
Last Year’s End of the Year Total

Last year’s harvest tally from around this time of year can be found here.  Fair weather gardener that I am and I’m tired of the garden.  The last time that we were out there the winds were gusting 20-30 mph.  My husband convinced me to go with him (I wanted to stay home) in exchanged for a cup of coffee.  I should have held out for something much larger than that cup of coffee from Starbucks!  It was windy, chilly, and I was miserable.  Brrr!!

Our last harvest day was bittersweet.  Some plants I wasn’t the least bit sad to see go.  And others, like the Zucchini, were wrapped up in a little bit of disappointment.  The running joke about Zucchini and never having enough? How I wish that were us.  We can never seem to grow enough Zucchini.  I was also sad to see the Ground Cherries go…because they weren’t supposed to be pulled up!  I had just finished pulling up the Tomatillo plants that had over shadowed them the entire season and turned my back for a bit only to see my husband come by with the plants in his arms.  I’m still mumbling about those plants a bit even now.  There were so many unripe fruits on the plants.  I can’t help by think that if he had just left them they perhaps would have still had time to ripen. I guess that’s just the way things go sometimes.

Our volunteer Tomato plants are going crazy.  They seem to have hit their stride and have flushed out with more flowers than I can count.  I haven’t the heart to tell the plant that it’s *months* too late.  Still, we’ve harvested somewhere close to 7lbs of tomatoes from the plants which is saying quite a bit given that they are some sort of a cherry tomato.  They’re really tasty!  Our other tomato plants are just about finished and quite embarrassing in their appearance.  I have added in a line for Green Tomatoes above.  If they had reached the breaker stage I would have just included them with the ripe tomatoes, but these tomatoes have no hope of ripening.  I plan on making a Green Tomato relish with them in the next couple days.

If you’ve read previous garden updates you’ll know we have a thing with uniquely shaped carrots.  We pulled up this carrot in the garden when we were last there. I don’t think the photo does his 7oz heft justice.  That’s one large carrot!

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4 thoughts on “Garden Harvest Update (as of 9/26/10)

  1. It looks like a little stubby carrot, but if it is 7oz it really is huge. HUGE! lol Sometimes I pull something out myself then regret it after. I always have issues with the when to pull my plants thing.

    • Yeah, I probably should have included something else in the picture for scale. It was HUGE. Oh, most definitely yes! If I pull the plant now will I miss out on an opportunity, will something to go to waste? Should I have left it, would it have ripened? I have to remind myself continually at this point that it’s almost October. The push and pull is a bit odd, though, given how tired I am with the season – I still don’t want to let anything go to waste or miss an opportunity.

  2. That’s quite a carrot! I know how it feels to turn around and see a plant being pulled that you were trying to save… That’s how gardening in tandem some time is, oh well, it is nice to have a gardening partner.