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Garden Harvest Update (as of 10/4/10)

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Garden Harvest Update

Lettuce 5lbs
Carrots 22lbs 3oz
Broccoli 1lb 4oz
Chinese Cabbage 4oz
Peas 7lbs 6oz
Green Beans 32lbs 5oz
Spinach/Swiss Chard/Beet Greens 15lb 8oz
Onions 35lb 7oz (this figure is probably short a few)
Zucchini 5lbs 11oz (this is short a few ounces)
Cucumbers 49lb 3oz
Eggplant 9lb 13oz
Beets 11lb 11oz
Tomatoes 132lb 15oz
Green Tomatoes 40lbs 1oz
Potatoes 5lbs 6oz
Tomatillos 57lbs 10oz
Hot Peppers 2lb 3oz
Sweet Peppers 4lb 5oz
Pie Pumpkin 6lbs 12oz
Corn 2lb 10oz
Ground Cherries 1lb 7oz
Wonderberries 14oz
Popcorn 2lbs 12oz
Kale 4oz
Melon 1lb 11oz
Cabbage 5lbs 8oz

Total: 460 lbs  1 oz
Last Year’s End of the Year Total

Last year’s harvest tally from around this time of year can be found here.  This update marks the beginning of the end.  Saturday evenings forecast for frost had us scurrying to get in as much as we could from what was left in the garden.  I got up early Saturday morning, took J with me, and headed out to the garden.  The wind was sharp, the sun hidden behind the clouds, and I quickly regretted my grand idea.  My husband and my daughters were at home where it was delightfully warm.  As for my son?  His enthusiasm quickly waned as he realized just how cold it was.  Going out to the garden no longer seemed to hold the same siren song as it once did.  Of course, the fact that I wouldn’t let him get out the wagons probably had something to do with it.  It wasn’t too long into our visit that he asked to go inside by my parents and but a few brief minutes until my father asked if he wanted to come in.

The wind has a way of draining your ambitions and interest, but I was determined to get as much as I could.  I have a few bunches of herbs hanging from the drying rack in my kitchen and what seems like a million little tasks in order to finish putting things up.  I will miss the warm weather – not the humidity – but I’m glad that the harvest is all but over.  There will still be more to come – carrots and potatoes for sure.  I expect another 30 lbs or so, but hope for another 40.  It’d be grand to break the 500 lb mark this year.

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One thought on “Garden Harvest Update (as of 10/4/10)

  1. Here it is finally cool enough to like to work in the garden. I was there for most of Monday afternoon working in the occasional drizzle. Though it never got out of the 50s that day, I was hot enough to be working in just a T-shirt. The sweater was long gone.