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Hello Old Friend!

We’ve been….busy.  I have a harvest of potatoes and some carrots that I didn’t get around to weighing last week that still sits in the basket waiting for me.  I have a to do list the length of my arm that’s only slightly addressed and my house looks a bit sad from my perspective.

True, some members of our family don’t seem the slightest bit bothered by this.  Between a bit of school here, a bit of play there, and all of the meals their days keep on rolling on.  They might select slightly unconventional ways of doing things, but they’re quite happy with things.  Sitting in the laundry basket on a chair to practice your reading?  Why not?  Writing on the side of the house with chalk to practice your letters?  Actually, I wish he didn’t do that one.  His letters were formed wonderfully, though.  I guess that’s something.

I have gotten a few things done, however.  We began the Kindergarten handwriting workbook.  J’s become more proficient at reading and I finished up the kids’ Christmas lists (I’m several weeks late this year) complete with trying to find L a pair of green butterfly wings.  To wear.  I don’t really know where she’s going with that one.  My Mom suggests that perhaps she’s the creative type.  An artist.

Given that one of her favorite outfits involves both a dress and a skirt…the dress as the shirt with the skirt in lieu of pants or shorts…I’m thinking she’s probably right.  L is unconventional for sure (a few days ago it was a dress and a pair of shorts with a pair of pants on top of them).

I’m going to work on some fabric headbands for her in hopes of keeping her bangs out of her face while they grow out.  I’ll have to take her with me to pick out the fabric, but if it were up to me I’d pick a batik.  Hmmm…or some fun vintage fabric.  A few for now and a few for Christmas gifts.  She’s already put an order in for a purse, but thankfully my Mom’s taking care of that one.

I feel a twirly skirt or two coming on as well.  Of course, then there’s the issue of winter.  Tights?  But then how to keep them from getting holes?  Leggings?  Leg Warmers?  I could pick a slightly warmer or thicker fabric, but I’m thinking that would hamper the twirly aspect.  I think the fabric will be the key…and the funkier the better. Ooo!  And a yoga bag.  For me, not L.

Yup, not a bit of that will probably be accomplished.  I really need to focus my interests.  Sewing, fiber arts, photography, writing, and yoga…oh my!

The best part about today?  The little one is napping, the other two aren’t bickering, and I had a moment to sit and write a few words.  Comfortably in the chair I might add – thank you chiropractic care and yoga!

ETA – That was short lived.  In the time it took me to click “submit” the oldest two woke up the baby.  So much for organizing my kitchen cabinets!  *sigh*


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