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If you live in Wisconsin…VOTE!

Feingold is more accustomed to talking about process than most politicians, and the unlimited funds spent by Johnson and the outside groups supporting him are a major theme on the stump. One of his signature achievements was McCain-Feingold, which has been largely dismantled by the U.S. Supreme Court, but he is sticking to a pledge not to take outside money. He wrote the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee again this year asking that it not intervene on his behalf and told POLITICO that he would “absolutely” rather lose than see outside groups airing ads on his behalf. (He has taken fundraising and organizing help from MoveOn.org and from unions, of which he’s been a staunch ally.)

Feingold, at every stop, quotes Johnson’s having called health care reform “the greatest affront to personal freedom in my lifetime.”

“He must have led a charmed life,” Feingold jokes. “How does it hurt him that our youngsters can stay on their parents’ insurance? And how does it hurt him that our seniors are finally going to get some help on that doughnut hole.”

From Politico

This election *is* about details. Elections *should* involve details instead of anti-incumbent hysteria.  I’m hoping the growing number of endorsements that Feingold has received (Wisconsin State Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Green Bay Press Gazette, Herald Times Reporter, The Chippewa Herald, etc, etc) is one sign that cooler heads will prevail come Tuesday.

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