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Medicinal Herb Garden Harvest


This past weekend I harvested a much anticipated item from my medicinal herb garden.  I planted Marshmallow and Elecampane last year.  They overwintered well before coming up again this year and growing something close to six feet tall.  It was amazing to see just how tall they got.  I suspect I was probably a bit late on harvesting them since all of the plants had already set the buds where new growth would appear next year.  I’m going to try replanting come spring what remains and see if I can get plants from the leftover root crowns.

I ended up with 2lbs 8oz of Elecampane root (from five plants) and 1lb 4oz of Marshmallow root (from three plants).  I’ve processed through most of it at this point.  I just need to clean and dry what I have left of the Elecampane root to add to my herb cupboard along with the glycerites and tinctures of both Marshmallow and Elecampane.  Not bad for a half of a days worth of work!

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15 thoughts on “Medicinal Herb Garden Harvest

  1. Welcome to Harvest Monday, I don’t believe that I have seen you before. Very interesting and informative post. I’m going to have to nosey around your blog a bit.

  2. This sounds really exciting! But please let us know, what are these roots used as?
    You made me really curious:)

    • We use Elecampane root for coughs and chest congestion, but there are many other uses. Marshmallow root as well has numerous uses, but we use it primarily for sore throats. If you want to read more Matthew Wood has a fantastic two volume herbal. I also have a number of videos posted here from other well known herbalists.

      Of course, it should be noted that what I post here is only my opinion and should not be construed as advice of any kind (medical or otherwise). For that please seek out a “qualified healthcare provider” and/or expert of your choosing. :0)

  3. How wonderful to grow your own remedies for what ails ya!

  4. I think it’s fascinating that plants can help us when we’re sick or under the weather. It’s very interesting!

    As far as your caveat on “only my opinion”, I think most health care providers of today should be telling us that! Their diagnosis is really only their opinion for the most part. Thanks for sharing!

    • Humility is not something me thinks the medical types have in spades.

      I tend to fall on the side of those that find there are many different paths to wisdom and ways of knowing. A bit less of a hyper focus on “expertism” would go a long way to regaining some sanity in our culture.

  5. These are two plants that I would love to have in my garden next year.

  6. interesting! I had the same question as to what they are for, but I see you’ve answered in the comments – thanks.

    • I’ve always meant to do some sort of a materia medica in the blog with the plants in my medicinal herb garden, but haven’t gotten to it just yet. I suppose I should work on that one of these days. I’m glad you found the previous comment helpful.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Now that is an interesting harvest. I always love when I see something new.

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