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The Things I’m Less Than Thrilled With…

  1. My children sharing their germs with me…again.  Hello likely ear infection and pink eye!  You are no friend of mine.
  2. The parents of the child I babysit for bringing her to our house several times in the last few weeks that then got my kids sick…and now me.  Why didn’t I go with my gut and tell them to take that poor child home?
  3. The Urgent Care, Ambulance Ride, ER, and doctor’s visit for my son due to illness picked up from said child.  I have yet to see a bill, but I have a feeling that this one’s going to be upwards of $400.
  4. Those 8 visits to the chiropractor when my lower back/hips were so very sore I could hardly stand it?  By the time our health insurance plan processed it all (complete with our deductible then copays and 25% coinsurance on each and every visit) we end up owing the chiropractor just shy of 50% of the charges.
  5. My husband’s parents neglecting his dental care when he was growing up resulting in a very large filling shortly after we were married which has then turned into him needing a crown.  Just shy of $500?  Sure, easy as pie!

Did I mention that I was sick?  I’d like to make an appointment with the family practice doctor that our family occasionally see (Why not more often?  See above.), but I’ll probably go with an Urgent Care clinic and save $15.  Did I mention we were headed into Christmas territory and the in-laws are expecting a visit in January (another $300 or more right there)?  I don’t ask for much…really I don’t…just a chance every once in awhile to get ahead.  Just once.


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