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Decision Time

I’ve been waiting, somewhat patiently for a homeschool, real food nutrition curriculum.  It’s written by another homeschooling mom.  I first found out about it towards the beginning of this school year and was very excited about the possibility while thankful at the same time that I wouldn’t have to heavily edit or create my own nutrition curriculum from scratch.  Plus…it’s the equivalent of buying local, right?  An extra bonus…except that it’s been delayed.  TWICE!  I’m trying to be patient and understanding.  She’s a mother and has life concerns that crop up just as I do.  On the other hand…she’s announced it’s availability three times now.  By the time it’s available – if it’s available when she says it will the final release will be a few months shy of one year.

There is no equivalent through larger curriculum folks.  I’ve skipped the nutrition section in our primary spine – “A Guide for Using The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body in the Classroom” – as there’s too much I’d need to change in order for it to work.  I’ve reached the point now where I need to make a decision.  Do I wait until February when the author has said it will be available or do I create my own?  Will I end up frustrated with what I come up with and then find myself buying it anyway?  Or will it be delayed again leaving me scrambling to come up with something at the last minute?

My gut feeling is that I need to come up with something on my own.  The track record so far isn’t looking so great.

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