Under the Maple Canopy

Singing Union Songs Since 2009


We need serious discussion and planning not more slogans. We must ask why the governor is excited about a $2 billion highway from Milwaukee to the Illinois line while he sends back $810 million designated for high-speed rail. His slogan should be: “Wisconsin is open for business but not innovation.”

The governor did not discuss the exploding prison population and the drain on the budget. Clean air and clean water, factory farms — not even a nod.

It is troubling when those close to the governor threaten to eliminate public employee unions and warn that Wisconsin will soon be a right-to-work state. “Right to work” means work for less. Open for business, but not for families.

Right to work means that unionized employees must represent dues-paying members and freeloaders. That doesn’t make sense. Wisconsin is almost Mississippi when it comes to the right of employees to due process in the workplace. Now, Walker and his law firms would skip past Mississippi.

Ed Garvey? You had me at hello.  Of course, when Garvey closed out his article by referring to the publicly owned Green Bay Packers and the beginnings of the players union, one might think, “Over the top?”  Nah.  Do stop on by for a read through the rest of the article.  Spot on, I say.


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