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Also, I agree with you that to subcontract our thinking to a “left-wing agenda” would be tragic for the emergent conversation. But I also must say that when much of the American church – Evangelical and Roman Catholic, but also Mainline Protestant (I’m not sure about Eastern Orthodox folk in this regard) – has become highly captive to a right-wing, nationalist, American-exceptionalist, militarist agenda, to differ with that agenda, no matter how gently and graciously and delicately, almost always leads to being accused of being left-wing. The “you’re either with us or with the terrorists” mentality is still remarkably deep-rooted.

Thank you, Brian McLaren for answering so succinctly the criticisms about the emergent folks being tools of the liberals as it were…and that’s not just because I myself am liberal leaning.  I appreciate your stating the obvious…that the “right-wing” assumptions shouldn’t be a foregone conclusion.  That being a Christian and a “real American” aren’t necessarily the same thing nor is there only one way to be or think as a Christian…or an American…or a citizen of this world.


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