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From the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association

This bill has some provisions that make no sense, unless the basic intent is to bust unions. One provision makes it illegal for public employers to collect dues for labor organizations. The employer can take deductions for the United Way, or other organizations, but they are prohibited from collecting union dues.

How does that repair the budget?

Another provision requires the WERC to conduct a representation election by December 1st each year, to determine if the employees still want the union to represent them. The WERC has to bill the union for the cost of the election. Currently, if a group petitions the WERC to do an election, the WERC covers the cost. Right now, the members have the right to request an election if the majority of the members want to change or eliminate representation. Why create unnecessarily processes?

Does that help repair the budget?

In partisan elections, a good estimate is that approximately 35% of the voters will vote for democrats, and 35% will vote for republicans. The remaining 30%, the independents, sway the elections. This election just got done, but public employees are already looking ahead. In 2012, the even numbered Senate seats will be up for election, along with all the representatives. In 2010, the independent voters, many of whom are government employees, voted overwhelmingly for Republicans.

Thank you, WLEA!


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