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The reduced income requirements that would take effect under Gov. Walker’s bill are allowed in states where there is a deficit under the Affordable Health Care for America Act.

When Rep. Vos was asked if the governor — who believes the health care law is unconstitutional – is simply picking out the parts he likes in order to save money, he replied that the reduced income provision would go away if the law is overturned.

If the act is not overturned, then he said they’re just doing what the federal government says they must do.

It should be pointed out that the reduced income provision is not a mandate, but rather an option that the governor appears to be taking advantage of. (emphasis mine)

From Channel 3000.com

Seriously, all of the spinning these folks are doing is making me dizzy. Do they really think we’re that stupid or that we’re not paying attention? I know I have a college degree and I’m sure that makes me part of the liberal elite, but I’m thinking one doesn’t even need to have a high school diploma to catch this stuff.


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