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Still Shaking my Head

Already the cutters have shown Boehner who’s boss. His $35 billion in pledged budget cuts quickly morphed into their $100 billion. Where he would trim, they would slash, even if it means being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Cut home-heating-oil assistance and you risk sending more people to emergency rooms and seeing homes flooded by burst pipes. Demolish neighborhood block grants and you get more homeless people when there’s no one to negotiate rent payments with landlords. Cut food inspections and you get more E. coli.

More than Ross Perot, the tea party has focused the country on the deficit, so that fighting it trumps concerns over unemployment, failing schools, crumbling infrastructure and health care. As long as the supposedly adult conversation we’re having remains childishly vague, it’s easy to turn those complaining about cuts into welfare queens who should toughen up.


What an odd chapter in American history we’re living through. Suggesting that the financial elite might be responsible for the economic mess we’re in brings cries of “class warfare.” Meanwhile, congressmen and governors, under cover of cutting deficits created by congressmen and governors, wage real class warfare on janitors and on parents trying to pay their mortgage or send their kids to college.

Blaming nurse’s aides and prison guards for the death grip this economy has on the middle class is to indulge a fantasy on par with the fairy tale of an American president born in Kenya and secretly Muslim.

From Margaret Carlson


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