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I’m disappointed in your actions, Governor Walker

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Governor Walker:

I’ve tried to keep an open mind about Republicans, believing that perhaps somewhere out there one could find reasonable people who knew that government required a certain degree of compromise. I had hoped that there would be someone out there who understood that life was messy and that even if you won the election (with 52% of 50% of eligible voters) that you still had the responsibility, dare I say mandate, to represent ALL of your constituents. Most especially, I had hoped that when it came to the State of Wisconsin, that we would be exempt for the political insanity that has ruled the rest of our country since President Obama was elected in 2008.

I have held out hope for these things since day one. I have believed that adults populated the Assembly, Senate, and Governor’s office in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The level of escalating rhetoric coming out of your office (as well as from both Fitzgeralds’) is galling to say the least.  I’ll admit that it’s unlikely you’ll ever really represent my interests. I doubt that we agree on much, but I at the very least hoped that you would have the decency and maturity necessary to lead our state. Your most recent comments prove otherwise. If anyone is on a “vacation from reality” might I be the first to suggest that perhaps it’s the Wisconsin Republicans?

My parents always raised me to understand that the best way you can tell if a compromise is fair is if both sides end up leaving unhappy with what was achieved. Growing up in a family of five, we knew that we all had to engage in the give and take in order for our family to succeed. These lessons were tough lessons to learn (and teach as I’m now discovering with my own children), but they have served me well as these years. No one likes to compromise…or admit that they don’t have all the answers, but the greatest leaders of our time have been ones who were willing to do both.

You’re supposed to represent me, Governor Walker, not just the 52% of 50% of eligible voters that voted for you. I’m calling on you to rise to the occasion, abandon the threats, and get about the messy business of governing. My six-year-old has learned that he’s not going to get what he wants all the time. Only my three-year-old continues to believe otherwise.


One thought on “I’m disappointed in your actions, Governor Walker

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