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Union Mobs? Signs of God’s Impending Judgement?


I hesitate ever so slightly to post this.  In part because it makes my stomach turn sour when I read these sorts of things and in part because it just gives the Family Research Council more exposure than they deserve.  In weighing all of that, I’ve decided to post it.  According to the Family Research Council (emphasis mine):

Devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear threats, massive hurricanes, revolutions, wars, terrorism, mass murders, uncontrollable borders, epidemic drugs, abortion, bankrupt nations, family breakdown, societal disorder, union mobs, abandonment of natural sexuality and the God-given institution of marriage: previous generations would have understood all of these to be signs, warnings and temporal judgments from Almighty God — instructive not only to those immediately affected, but to all of us. Unless we repent, we will all likewise perish, just as Jesus proclaimed.

Did you catch that?  It leaves me to wonder just exactly who the Family Research Council speaks for…God or the Republican Party.  Thank you, Family Research Council, for reminding me why we left our dispensationalist, pre-tribulational, Evangelical church.  Thank you for reminding me why I continue to ask the Moody Bible Institute to remove us from their alumni mailings and have refused to be listed in their published directory.  And no, I’m not even going to get into the “United States as a Christian nation” bit, I don’t have the energy for that one this morning.


4 thoughts on “Union Mobs? Signs of God’s Impending Judgement?

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  2. I’m disgusted by the FRC’s association between union mobs and God’s judgement. Perhaps they should point the finger in the other direction, their own. It’s people like that that give christianity a bad name.

    • I know, but unfortunately that’s the only voice people hear. They’ve ruled the discussion on God, Jesus, and Christianity for so long.

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