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Way to Go, Town of Dunn!

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“Whereas, town governments in Wisconsin serve over 30% of the state’s population and cover 95% of the land area in the state, and
“Whereas, towns are arguably the most democratic and accountable form of government in the state, and

“Whereas, towns are the only form of government in Wisconsin, as well as most of the world, where citizens participate in self-governance through direct democracy on certain issues including voting directly on their own property tax levy each year, and

“Whereas, the citizens set the levy to provide vital services that impact the daily lives and long-term quality of life, including law enforcement, fire protection, emergency medical service, garbage collection, recycling, drainage, storm water management, road maintenance, snow plowing, elections, absentee voting, land use planning and conservation, property assessment, property tax collection, licenses, and permits, and

“Whereas, the citizens of the town of Dunn have a long and proud tradition of making fiscally responsible decisions and have consistently set their own tax levy at a rate lower than similar municipalities while maintaining a high level of performance in vital public services and impressive accomplishments in land conservation, and

“Whereas, the proposed state budget for the 2011-2013 biennium eliminates the rights of citizens to vote by referendum to set their local levy in excess of the state’s revenue cap of 0% increase over the prior year, and limits the ability of over 30% of individual citizens in the state of Wisconsin from setting their property tax levy in accordance with the services they choose through direct democracy, and
“Whereas, the proposed state budget eliminates funding for recycling, eliminates the mandate that businesses participate in our recycling program, eliminates the Purchase of Conservation Easement program funding, restricts the stewardship program from funding conservation easements, eliminates payments in lieu of tax on future DNR land purchases, reduces standards for clean water, reduces our town’s shared revenue by 50%, and reduces general transportation aids by 3%, and

“Whereas, by substantially reducing town revenues, severely restricting the tax levy, and reducing successful environmental programs of recycling, clean water, and land conservation, the proposed state budget negatively impacts our town and the most open, accountable, practical, and democratic practices of government and moves local decisions to the state level,

“NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Town Board of the town of Dunn does hereby oppose eliminating the rights of taxpayers to set their own tax levy, by referendum, in excess of the state’s limit and further opposes the state’s proposed budget for 2011-2013.”


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