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Post-Protest Musings

We spent a couple of hours (or so) at the protest in Janesville. Governor Walker was speaking at a local business group’s dinner. It wasn’t all the difficult to discern from the cars on the road where we were standing that were going to the dinner and those that were just passing through. Many of monthly loan payments on those cars are likely more than I spend on groceries for our family of five in a month.

I took the camera with us. At first I was just taking pictures of my fellow protestors, my kids, and the people I was with. As people began arriving for the dinner, though, I decided to take pictures of them. As best as I can figure, I’m in public and so are they. I don’t know that they can reasonably expect to privacy while in public. It was interesting to me as I watched their cars drive up (sometimes quite fast – it might have been wiser to have show a little care given that there were pedestrians near, but whatever). When they were still a way off in the distance they were pointing and laughing. It was clear that they were having a grand old time. Some were even taking pictures of the protestors.

In more than a few cases when they reached where I was standing and taking their picture the mood shifted. Gone were the smiles and the laughing. Gone were the cameras. They’d do their best to look forward or even possibly look out the window on the other side of the car. On fellow even covered his face with his hands. It was striking really.

It’s all fun and games…until someone’s watching.

I’ve got a couple of hundred pictures on my camera to sift through. I haven’t just yet decided where to go from here. I’ve considered creating a cheat sheet for myself. I’m thinking that while going about my personal business I’d like to have some sort of a reference – I know there is no perfect decision as far as who to do business with, but given that we face losing a significant chunk of money for our family, I can’t help but think that I want every one of those dollars to count.


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