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Just Got a Robo Call for…Scott Walker?

I just got one of those calls from some 800 number. You know, the calls where you answer, “Hello,” only to be met with silence for a bit. Afterwards cue slightly cheesy background music as a poor quality recording rolls and say something to the effect of:

Now that the protestors have gone home and the shouting has ended and the [some sort of negative adjective] Senators have returned, the majority of people praise Scott Walker…

I’m heavily paraphrasing here and wishing that I had recorded the thing. Instead, I believe I swore something about a male cow’s manure and hung up. Seriously? Theses folks might want to 1) reconsider the text of the message in their robo call and 2) check the list of people they’re calling.

Through the entire BRB fiasco we have yet to receive a robo call along these lines. Me thinks these things in the state (and the upcoming election) are far less in the Governor’s favor than he’s projecting.

Edited to Add: It was from the “League of American Voters” that had robo calls earlier to apparently other areas of the state. Nifty tidbit from PRWatch’s story on the previous set of robo calls? You can ask them to never call you again.

Call 1-877-769-7312, right now. You can call LAV’s answering service right now to ask that LAV never call you again. Its number is answered by a robotic answering service that will place callers on a “Do Not Call” list. You can do this now and share the number with all of your friends and neighbors so you never have to hear another pack of lies from LAV on your home phone again. And, if LAV does call you ever again after your request, it can be subject to fines for violating federal law so make a note of the date of your request and keep this link handy to file a federal complaint.

I’m sure you can imagine what I’ll be doing next.

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