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Filled up the Freestar today…


…and it cost me more than $70.  $3.69/gallon?  Yikes!  We have to head to Madison tomorrow for homeschool classes at the Nature Center…so long to our rally plans (can’t stomach spending the money to drive to Madison and back…twice).  Instead?  We voted early, returned books to the library, returned the empty printer cartridge to the store, had ice cream at our favorite local place for the first time this year, and went grocery shopping.  Oh, and for tonight?  Between dinner and when My Love heads into work?  Yoga class.  For the first time in a long time and at the new studio to boot.  Let’s hope I remember to go to the right studio!


2 thoughts on “Filled up the Freestar today…

  1. Sounds like you were very busy!