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Finally Made it Out to the Garden


As My Love’s days off have rotated away from the weekends we’ve been downshifting quite a bit when it comes to our protest participation. If there’s one scheduled locally you can bet that we’re there – well, the kids and I are anyway. That does not mean that our past protest participation didn’t alter our habits. On Tuesday we were in Madison all day (we voted by absentee ballot the day before) for classes at the Nature Center. The Brown Eyed Girl had class in the morning while the Funny Man had one in the afternoon. Now…about lunch.

In the past we would have stopped at Chipotle.  Some of us would have had the more traditional salad or burrito.  One person in particular would have just eaten guacamole.  This time, though, we stopped at our new favorite pizza place.  Copious amounts of pizza were eaten by some of the smallest members of the family.  Very tasty indeed.

This morning after much poking, prodding, and a bit of begging I found myself in the car and on the way to the garden.  I’ve given up on gardening, you see.  After the last few years I’ve come to the realization that I hate it.  It’s by far my least favorite thing to do.  I think I’d rather clean the toilet than garden which My Love can reassure you is a fair comparison given that cleaning the bathroom is his responsibility.  To be fair, I let my gardening partners know of this change of heart in advance.   My Love is now in charge of everything gardening related including when things need to be planted.  My only request was that the plantings be spread out a bit so as to make the processing (and eating) of the garden’s bounty just a tad bit easier.

The kids were super excited about going to the garden.  Time to head outside?  What’s not to love?  There was only the smallest sense of disappointment that their beloved Nana and Buppa were not there.  We visited briefly with their cats, though, which seemed to help.

Like the outfit?  She dresses herself.  The boots are a requirement for Spring outdoor play.  We got them at a local store and I suspect they’d make the perfect work boots for someone who lives on a farm.  We’re solidly in the suburban camp, but these boots are still the perfect fit for my intrepid outdoor children.  As for the rest of it?  This is the Brown Eyed Girl’s standard uniform.  Some sort of shirt, jeans, and skirt – the layers are key.  She has a unique sense of self.

As for this one?  Well, he has a unique sense of self as well.  His fashion choices have been adjusted ever so slightly.  I’m happy to report that after all these years he looks every bit the adult that he is and most definitely no longer a man-child.  Someone please remind me of this when Funny Man is older.  Please, please, please let me be an above-average mother-in-law.

My Love was very much into the gardening today.  He’s never more at home than when he’s digging in the dirt – which should say quite a bit about where our children get it from.

It’s been a long winter and regardless of my thoughts on gardening…I’m looking forward to Summer.


2 thoughts on “Finally Made it Out to the Garden

  1. You can clean my toilets anytime. I like gardening . . . but not the weeds! Yuk!

    You never did like gardening when you were small. Not surprised that you still don’t. Can’t blame me for hoping! 🙂

    • Yeah… I’m guessing being a gardener is one of those things that’s comes from within. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come from within me at all! :0)