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I’ve mentioned before that my local yoga studio (I’ll call it YE) had closed.  I had high hopes that a new one opening up one town over (I’ll call it NT) might take its place.  I’m reserving judgement just yet, but my first class left me…distracted at best.  True, it’s the first week and a number of the people there were first timers.  And true, there were maybe two people there who were older than me…and I’m not that old.  My favorite teacher from the YE will be teaching classes at NT very soon.  So maybe there’s still hope?

In the meantime, while I wait for some of the newness of the studio to die down I’m reinvigorating my own personal yoga practice.  I was getting a bit tired of my own ideas about practice and found that I was missing that outside voice to give correction and reminder.  It’s almost as if the outside voice of the teacher functions as a secondary breath to help tie things together.

I started looking into downloading a video podcast in hopes of finding something that fit.  Yoga Journal has some free ones, but the teacher’s voice and phrasing drove me batty.  Then I stumbled across Yoga Today.  You can register for free and watch their weekly free class or you can purchased classes individually.  Another option is to become a subscriber (paying either on a month to month basis or pre-paying for an entire year up front).

I haven’t become a subscriber just yet, but at $9.99/month it’s cheaper than going to class locally and just might end up being worth it.  If you consider yourself Yoga curious, you should definitely stop by.  I don’t get anything for telling you that, by the way, but if you’re feeling generous and do subscribe, would you enter “mamaraby” as the Ambassador ID?  You’ll get a free two-week trial and I’ll get a point toward my subscription.

I bought the “Flow” class with Adi Amar – perfect fit!


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