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Shame on you, Representative Knilans


It should be no secret to you by now that I don’t approve of your job performance. You’ve made it clear through out the last few months that you aren’t listening to your constituents which should be your number one responsibility. You weren’t listening when we visited your office. You haven’t listened to the many emails I and others like me have sent you. Every bit of communication I’ve received from your office – either directly or in print has spoken volumes about this. Your latest press release is no exception. You continue to toe the Wisconsin Republican line in our district as if the majority agrees with you. Which makes me wonder if you’re living in an alternate universe. Have you seen the election returns from our district for the last election?

I think the blogger over at Rock Netroots Commentary had the most appropriate headline about your recent press release – “Joe Knilans Asks Unions to Do What He Couldn’t.” You won’t listen to me or the scores of others like me in our district…maybe you’ll listen to Rock Netroots?

What’s most interesting to me is that you shift the blame onto the teachers for the actions that you and your fellow Republicans have taken in Madison. Instead of fostering a spirit of “bipartisan, roll up our sleeves, and get things done together” attitude, you’ve instead sought to divide our state and our community. It makes your request for us to “work together” ring hollow. One might wonder what we could have accomplished together had we’d sat down at the bargaining table first instead of removing those options altogether.

As it stands, you’re a day late and a dollar short. Those of us here in our district absolutely need to work together, but we don’t need your help nor do we need you publicly scolding our community from your office in Madison. What we need is less of your hollow rhetoric. We need leaders who can lead…not with empty words, but by example. Our district would be better served if, instead of spending the time writing press releases projecting your own failings on our district, you focused on finding real, bipartisan solutions to the problems our state faces.

I’m not one to chant “shame” at rallies or protests. I believe in saving cries of shame for actions that really and truly deserve it. Your latest press release, Representative Knilans is one of those instances. Shame on you.

Mostly, I can’t help but wonder, are you listening this time?


2 thoughts on “Shame on you, Representative Knilans

  1. Very well said!