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Rally on Saturday – Be there for me, please?

It’s called the Counterprotest the Corporate Puppets: Dump Tea! Dump Palin! rally.

Noon, Saturday, April 16th
Wisconsin State Capitol
State Street Corner

From the Wisconsin Wave:

Please share widely. The puppets are coming, the puppets are coming! Corporate puppets Sarah Palin and “Americans” for “Prosperity” are rallying at our Wisconsin State Capitol on 4/16.

BRING PUPPETS — sock puppets, hand puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, finger puppets and muppets! (Have I mentioned how much I love creative ideas like this?)

BRING LIBERTY BELLS — that means cowbells, dinner bells, doorbells, jingle bells, you name it, and let’s ring in Wisconsin’s independence from corporate rule!

Let’s show ’em how we really feel about big corporations passing the tax burden on to the rest of us!

And remember folks, come on out early and support family farmers at the seasons first outdoor farmers market. Now more than ever it is important to spend locally.

We Won’t Pay for Their Crisis!

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it. My Love is going to be taking a test tomorrow morning for what would in essence would be a promotion to another one of those evil public employee union jobs. We’ve waited several years for this opportunity to be available and don’t want to miss it – well, that and he has to work in the afternoon. Did I mention that the price for regular is up to $3.84/gallon? It would have been over $80 to fill up our Ford Freestar (CAW made for the record) had it been empty. I’m glad we picked the most fuel efficient mini-van we could afford, but goodness I wish we had a more fuel efficient vehicle.

Or public transportation! Wouldn’t it be great if I could ride a commuter train to Madison just like I used to ride the Metra train between Wheaton and Chicago?!?

So, BE THERE for those of us who can’t make it! Please?


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